"Fresh Romance" cover by Kevin Wada
Credit: Kevin Wada (Rosy Press)
Credit: Rosy Press

Rosy Press has announced a deal with Oni Press to bring the digital comics anthology Fresh Romance into print. Later this year, Oni will be publishing a collection of Fresh Romance stories originally published in the digital serialized issues. The 224 page collection will include "School Spirit" by Kate Leth and Arielle Jovellanos, "The Ruby Equation" by Sarah Kuhn and Sally Jane Thompson, "Beauties" by Marguerite Bennettt and Trungles, as well as the first chapter of Sarah Vaughn and Sarah Winifred Searle's "Ruined."

Rosy Press has launched a companion Kickstarter to Fresh Romance Vol. 1 for supporters to order a Kickstarter-exclusive edition of the print book, as well as to raise more capital for Rosy Press."

"Plus, the Kickstarter will signal to Oni that they’ve made the right investment in partnering with us and encourage them to take further chances on Rosy Press. You want more print versions of Rosy Press projects? You should back this Kickstarter!"

Fresh Romance Vol. 1 is scheduled to debut July 2016, while the next installment of the serialized digital anthology, Fresh Romance #7, is due out February 24.

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