Is WOLVERINE 3 Going R-Rated After DEADPOOL's Success?

Still from 'The Wolverine'
Still from 'The Wolverine'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Although Deadpool wasn't the first "R" rated comic book or superhero movie, it's immense success has opened the door to the idea that more movies might follow suit -- including Wolverine. An image has surfaced which purports to show that Fox also plans to make the upcoming untitled Wolverine sequel rated R.

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The image comes from Imgur user RayChaos. While no context is given in the original post, Comic Book reports that the image is from a pamphlet given out at Toy Fair 2016. It's unclear where that information comes from, but Comic Book also reports that 20th Century Fox declined to comment.

The Wolverine sequel will reportedly be Hugh Jackman's last turn as the character, and is scheduled for March 3, 2017. To hit that date, Fox will have to decide on a direction soon. Logan's last solo-film, The Wolverine, began filming 12 months before its projected release date, a time that's fast approaching if Fox plans to hit that date.

Interestingly, 20th Century Fox released a gorier and more sexualized cut of The Wolverine on home video, but since it wasn't aired in theaters is 'unrated.'

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