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It appears as if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada were among the millions who saw Deadpool in theaters this past weekend, and both have good things to say about the 20th Century Fox film. 

“Congrats to Fox and everyone involved especially Deadpool’s daddies, Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld as well as all the great creators like Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness who have made him the man or whatever he is today,” Quesada said on his Tumblr. “And a special shout out to Director Tim Miller who’s love for comics is truly resonating with movie goers.”

Quesada also explained Marvel's prior relationship with Miller, who was instrumental in bringing Iron Man to life on the big screen.

“We also felt that if we really wanted to grab kids attention we needed to go high level CGI and Marvel gave us the budget to do it,” Quesada explained. “This was a huge vote of confidence at that time because things were still tight in those days. That’s where Tim and the incredible team at Blur came in and knocked this assignment out of the park. Working with Tim was a joy (you’d have trouble finding a nicer more creative guy) and immediately his love of all things Marvel and comics was evident. He took the scripts and created beautifully visceral action scenes while never forgetting to keep things lighthearted with the classic Marvel sense of humor running throughout.”

Quesada finished by saying “Congrats Deadpool, congrats to the  creative teams and congrats to the comic industry, fans and pros alike. Over the last decade comics have changed the face of popular culture and none of this happens without you. Deadpool is just another example of what the industry, it’s people and its ideas are capable of.”

The Rock chimed in on his Twitter account, offering congratulations to the film's cast and crew, and mentioning Deadpool's game-changing performance.

The Rock is no stranger to comic book films, having appeared as Roadblock in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and being signed on to star as the villainous Black Adam in Warner Bros.'s upcoming Shazam.

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