IDW Announces Kaluta & Lee's Starstruck Remaster

Starstruck #1

Press Release

IDW is proud to announce the return of the science fiction classic, Starstruck, to comics. Debuting in August, the 13-issue series will showcase the fine writing of Elaine Lee and the remarkable art of Michael Kaluta. Scanned from the original art to ensure the highest quality, the entire series is being re-colored by fantasy artist, Lee Moyer, whose painted work has appeared on the covers of books by Iain Banks, H.P. Lovecraft and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

“Starstruck is a classic work, and some of Michael’s very finest art—it has been out of print for too long,” said Scott Dunbier, IDW’s Starstruck editor. “Our series will present Elaine and Michael’s vision as never before. New readers will be astounded by it, while diehard fans will delight in seeing their old friend looking better than ever.”

Set in a far-flung and very alternative future, Starstruck chronicles the lives and relationships of Elaine Lee’s characters from her play of the same name. The sometimes dark, often hilarious, and always surprising Starstruck is a visually stunning tale in which the offspring of two powerful houses vie for wealth and dominance in a newly free, but completely anarchic universe. First printed in Heavy Metal and as a Marvel epic series, then a Dark Houre comic, Starstruck is a joyride to the far side of the spiral arm.

Author, film director and visual artist, Clive Barker, has said of Starstruck, “I was, and am, a huge fan of Starstruck, which I think was one of the most brave and elegant experiments in comic book story-telling.”

In addition to classic Starstuck material, each issue will contain an episode of Galactic Girl Guides by the same creative team as the main comic, including material never before published. Artist Charles Vess, best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, has inked Kaluta’s pencil art for these additional stories.

Starstruck #1 will be available in stores in August 2009.

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