Warner Bros. to Produce Death Note Film

WB to Produce Death Note Film

Though two Japanese live-action versions have seen brief theatrical releases in the US prior to appearing on DVD, Death Note will be getting a fully Westernized film treatment, as Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the manga series, this according to Variety.

The Warners film version will focus on the first three volumes of the 13 volume series, and is being adapted by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. Warner Bros. Japan produced the three Japanese Death Note films, but this version will be drawn from the manga, rather than the Japanese movies.

As fans of the series are familiar, Death Note tells the story of a college student, Yagami Light, who finds a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill people if their names are written inside. Light learns more of what the book is from Ryuk, a death god, who dropped the book on earth for his own purposes. With the book, Light begins to re-create the world as he sees fit, by killing those he deems unworthy. Light’s actions attract the attention of the detective known only as “L,” sparking a cat-and-mouse game between the two.

The American versions will be produced by Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Dan Lin and Brian Witten.

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