CAPTAIN MARVEL Leading MARVEL's CIVIL WAR II Marketing, Tie-In Strategy Changes from SECRET WARS

Marvel-Diamond variants
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Civil War II less than three months away, Marvel is talking directly to retailers and beginning to outline its plans for the event miniseries and various tie-in products. In an interview with Diamond Comic Distributors, Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel said that most of Civil War II would fit into existing ongoing books and not through seperate series like 2015's Secret Wars.

"Our event /crossover strategy in 2016 is designed to keep sales healthy on third arcs and beyond. As Civil War II gets closer we’re going to begin announcing tie-ins and special Civil War series," said Gabriel. "This year, as opposed to the way we were able to run Secret Wars, the bulk of tie ins will take place inside their respective series, giving them all a bit of a lift before the summer ramps up."

In 2015's Secret Wars event, all of the ongoing series in Marvel's main line were ended in favor of various event-related miniseries revolving around the primary Secret Wars title.

This summer, there will be several "Road to Civil War II" titles according to Gabriel, although he didn't give specifics.

Marvel's marketing plan for Civil War II however will include leaning on Marvel TV, Disney and various actors from the movies and film to promote the event.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"As I mentioned before, we learned a lot from Secret Wars and other past events and with the promotion of Free Comic Book Day and Civil War II we are working closely with Marvel TV and Disney to have our television and cinematic talent to mobilize fans on May 7th for their free Marvel comics," said Gabriel. "Also look for a teaser campaign to crop up in the next few weeks and we’ll have some exciting announcements as we hit the convention circuit. We had a lot of fun with the Build Your Own figures we’ve done since Invincible Iron Man #1. With Civil War II we’ll be supplying a Build Your Own Captain Marvel based on Kris Anka’s new costume design."

Marvel released seven new variant covers with this interview, which can be seen in this gallery.

Civil War #0 is scheduled to debut May 4, followed by a special Free Comic Book Day issue on May 7.

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