DEADPOOL Screenwriters Want HULK, SIRYN, CABLE & More For Sequel

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Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already looking ahead to the film's recently greenlit sequel, even though Deadpool won't officially hit theaters until February 12. They've even got some ideas for who Wade will take along for the ride when he returns.

“I think [Syrin and Cable] are characters who are near and dear to Deadpool fan’s hearts and characters we would like to explore down the line if we’re so fortunate to have sequels,” Reese told HeyUGuys. “Cable is one that we will absolutely visit if we’re allowed to keep moving forward with multiple movies. We’ve always wanted to honor the fans first, so the fan’s favorite characters, that mean a lot to them, we will take a long, hard look at moving forward."

Jumping off of Deadpool's relationship with Cable, Reese and Wernick also discussed Wade's potential involvement in the upcoming X-Force movie.

“Getting in to more of an ensemble piece is something we would cherish,” said Wernick. “X-Force is beloved and we love it, and Deadpool is centric to that world, and we’d love to bring an X-Force movie into the X Universe.”

There is one character they'd like to see Deadpool square off against that doesn't seem to be in the cards, though - The Hulk.

“We can’t, but that’s a rights issue because Fox only have the rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men, but I would love to see the Hulk against Deadpool,” Reese explained. “It  would be really fun to see Deadpool having to use his agility and his silliness and skills to overcome just brute force. Maybe we can figure out another way to do that with another character in the X-Men universe, but I would love to see him square up against the Hulk, it would be hilarious.”

Deadpool hits theaters February 12.

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