Kiss STARFIRE Goodbye With #12 - PALMIOTTI And CONNER Discuss Series Ending

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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's Starfire is ending with May's twelfth issue, but according to writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, this was their plan from the book's launch.

“When we were offered Starfire over a year ago, Amanda and I committed to 12 issues total, nothing more and nothing less, and with the series ending with us,” Palmiotti told Comics Alliance. “We worked out the year in advance, and now we are writing the last couple of issues. Nothing has changed for us on any level. What they’ll do with the character after us is in the hands of the people at DC Comics and we are good with whatever they choose.”

“We feel a year on a title gives the reader what they want,” he continued. “And in the end a nice trade collection. Us ending on #12 had nothing to do with any re-launch or anything else going on in the DCU.

Conner echoed Palmiotti’s thoughts, saying “Yes, most of the time I have about six to twelve issues of ideas in me, so that’s what I try to commit to.”

However, fans of Palmiotti and Conner’s version of Koriand'r may still get to spend time with the character. “We really love Kori’s character, and the series ending doesn’t mean you won’t see Starfire pop up in other places!” Conner explained.

“We have another project we are doing that will be announced later in the year right after this,” Palmiotti clarified. “That said, we love the character and, like any character we spend time with, they are bound to show up in another book of ours in the future.”

Starfire #12, the book's final issue, will hit stands in May.

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