JIM LEE Has 'Weird Idea' To Tie DC's HANNA-BARBERA Comic Books Together

"Future Quest" art by Darwyn Cooke
Credit: Darwyn Cooke (DC Comics)

In the latest episode of DC All Access, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed that, not only does DC have plans to add to its recently announced line of Hanna-Barbera comic books, but his Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, has a "weird idea" to unite the stories into one continuity that stretches "from The Flintstones to The Jetsons."

"My hope is that these go so well, we can start to expand into more characters," said DiDio. "We have a couple in mind. But in Jim's mind, he thinks of this all as one cohesive universe, and he wants to see how it can tie in. Everything. Creating a world that goes from The Flintstones to The Jetsons, through Wacky Racers, through Future Quest, and Scooby Doo. He has a weird idea that this is all one cohesive universe, and if anyone can pull something like that together, he's the guy."

Hanna-Barbera's cartoon shows, while not explicitly stated to exist in a shared universe, did often cross over, with characters from one show occasionally appearing on others, though some remained relatively sequestered. DC's title Future Quest features a variety of Hanna-Barbera's action stars all sharing a comic book, so connecting the dots may already be in the works.

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