JANE THE VIRGIN Actor Launching Comic Book Based on Cemetery Family Business

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Credit: Strip Dot Voice, LLC.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez
Credit: Anthony Mendez

The voice of CW's Jane the Virgin, narrator Anthony Mendez, is looking to bring his family business in cemetery work to comic books. Mendez has announced Mike Tomb, an upcoming motion comic series produced by his company, Strip Dot Voice LLC. Writer Stephen L. Stern is adapting the story from a screenplay Mendez wrote, with artist Joshua Zingerman illustrating.

Mike Tomb follows a Dominican- American headstone maker, Michael Gonzalez, who develops a serious illness and decides to leave the family business to pursue his dreams. Unfortunately, a family secret threatens to send Michael to his grave early.

“As a fan of comic books and the digital storytelling space, I felt it was the right time to create a motion comic with a ‘real-life’ hero whose true power extends beyond the abilities he’ll discover along the way; the power to pursue his dreams despite the odds,” said Mendez. “Industry giants like Marvel have transitioned into the motion comic and digital space creating more opportunities for voice actors like myself. My hope is that this mix of fictional and true stories with an American of Latino descent at the center, will inspire more Latinos to create their own work as well as express themselves in new ways and on their own terms.”

Mike Tomb is scheduled to debut later this year, with a graphic novel edition to follow afterwards.

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