MAN OF BRONZE Takes On a Cult Case In DOC SAVAGE: SPIDER'S WEB #3 Preview

"Doc Savage: The Spider’s Web #3" preview

1970s Doomsday cult? Sounds like a job for Doc Savage -- and it is, in a preview of this week's Doc Savage: The Spider's Web #3.

Doc Savage: The Spider’s Web #3
writer: Chris Roberson
artist: Cezar Razek
cover: Wilfredo Torres
incentive cover: Wilfredo Torres (B/W art)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
While she seems like a sweet old lady to the staff at the nursing home where she resides, only Doc Savage knows that a seemingly harmless elderly woman was once a member of a doomsday cult that threatened to kick off World War III back in the 1970s, and might well hold the key to a mystery that threatens the safety of the world in the modern day.

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