Potential Spoiler In New WALKING DEAD Trailer

Still from "The Walking Dead"
Credit: AMC

Nashville actress Alicia Witt has joined the cast of The Walking Dead. The actress tweeted that she'll be joining the show in an undisclosed role. So far, no further details of her character, or when she'll appear, have been announced. 

In other The Walking Dead news, an international teaser image for the show may have spoiled an upcoming plotline. Potential spoilers ahead, so be warned.

The image shows Carl wearing a bandage over his eye. While this may not seem like a particular spoiler on its own, in the comic book version of The Walking Dead, Carl loses an eye after accidentally being shot by Douglas Monroe, a character who is already dead on the show.

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Over in thes spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, AMC has added Mission Impossible II Dougray Scott to its cast. according to TVLine. Scott's role, like Alicia Witt, is unknown.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 14 on AMC. Fear The Walking Dead's new season begins April 10.

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