MARY JANE Picking Up The IRON MAN Armor In May

Marvel May 2016 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Mary Jane Watson will be donning the Iron Man armor in May's Invincible Iron Man #9. Judging by this newly revealed cover from Mike Deodato, the former model will be trying on the latest model of Iron Man armor in the midst of a firefight with Tony. And as the solicitation for the issue puts it, Tony may not be able to trust the friends he normally would as Civil War II heats up.

"Tony and Rhodey are best friends on and off the battlefield but their friendship is tested in ways it never was before," reads the solicitiation," as the new power players in the Marvel Universe reveal themselves in a bloody and dangerous fashion that threatens everything they stand for. A Civil War II prologue story!"

It's important to note that covers aren't always in-continuity to the main story, but this moment would seem to iconic for Marvel to bait-and-switch in the actual story.

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