The Fall of Wakanda In BLACK PANTHER

Marvel May 2016 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

More has been learned about the upcoming Black Panther ongoing series by Ta-Nehesi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze. As seen in this cover to May's Black Panther #2 by Stelfreeze and colorist Laura Martin, Wakanda will be in the midst of a full scale revolt by its citizens against T'Challa and the ruling elite. And the revolt is led by some of T'Challa's most trusted allies.

"The darkest chapter of the Black Panther mythos continues as Wakanda crumbles from within. Enter: The Midnight Angels!" reads the second issue's description. "Two mysterious women leading the citizen revolt against the current regime of Wakanda, challenging not only T’Challa’s politics but also his resolve. But will their rage provide more for the people than the royal family has thus far? Written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner TA-NEHISI COATES (Between the World and Me) and illustrated by living legend BRIAN STELFREEZE!"

The Midnight Angels, also known as the Dora Milaje, were established in previous issues to be the personal bodyguards of the Black Panther. They are a elite subdivision of the Dora Milaje, used akin to the U.S. Navy Seals for special missions.

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