VERTIGO Senior Editor's Interview Series Returns

"Back to the Gutters" title card
Credit: Back to the Gutters

As he settles into his new position of Senior Editor at Vertigo, Jamie S. Rich is reviving his video interview series From The Gutters as Back To The Gutters. Scheduled to launch February 17, Rich will be doing long-form interviews with comic writers and artists starting with Benjamin Dewey -- with Dewey even taking over as host and interviewer midway through the season due to Rich's full-time position at DC.

"Our intent with Back the Gutters is to peel back the page a bit and show you the creators behind your favorite comics -- both as artists and as people," said Rich. "We're going to dig down to uncover the motivations behind choosing comics as a profession, and the personalities that bring these stories to life, so that we can start to see the art and the artist as a singular unit."

Back To The Gutters will run weekly through the end of March, with future guests including Joelle Jones, Sierra Hahn, Jeff Parker, Ibrahim Moustafa, Robbi Rodriguez, Randy Bowen, Emi Lennox, and Steve Lieber. Rich will also have the tables turned on him, with frequent collaborator Joelle Jones interviewing him for one of the 20-minute episodes.

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