SUPERGIRL/FLASH Crossover Homages Classic DC Team-Up Title

After the news Tuesday that CW's The Flash would be appearing in an upcoming episode of CBS's Supergirl, Flash himself Grant Gustin has revealed the title of the March 28 episode on social media.


Really really. Flash is about to meet Supergirl. @melissabenoist

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

"Worlds Finest" is of course evocative of the DC team-up book World's Finest, but the conspicuously dropped apostrophe turning "World's" to "Worlds" evokes the multiverse-hopping escapades Flash has been doing in his CW show. If the CW Arrow-verse is Earth-1, and Zoom comes from Earth-2, what Earth designation is Supergirl in?

The "Worlds Finest" episode of Supergirl is scheduled to air March 28 on CBS.

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