"Stretch Armstrong" comic book
Credit: Hasbro

Netflix has announced that a Stretch Armstrong animated series is in development with Hasbro. The 2017 series will have a 26-episode first season featuring Stretch Armstrong and two unnamed friends who all become exposed to a experimental chemical that makes them stretchable. The news came as part of a larger line-up of new original series for children was announced by Netflix including Degrassi: Next Class.

“With roughly half of our 75 million members regularly watching kids content, we’re happy to expand our original slate with these three great series," said Andy Yeatman, Director of Global Kids Content for Netflix. “We know kids love Netflix and that’s in part because they never really outgrow us. We program and recommend new TV shows and movies from preschool through their teen years and into adulthood.”

Hasbro, who acquired Stretch Armstrong in 1991, has worked for years to develop film and television versions of the iconic plastic toy figure. In 2008 it announced Twilight star Taylor Lautner would play the character in a 3-D feature film produced by Universal Studios, but the project had a number of setbacks before being permanently shelved in 2013.

In 2011, former Marvel & IDW editor Andy Schmidt spearheaded a Hasbro anthology comic book titled Unit-E which featured a Stretch Armstrong story.

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