Who at MARVEL Will Be 'DEAD NO MORE'? How About ...

"Dead No More" teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

So Marvel’s back out there teasing (as they’re prone to do) their next "next big thing" and it appears as if that next big thing will be resurrection … or maybe more accurately, the undoing of death.

Last week Marvel released a generic "Dead No More" teaser image, and whatever that is will kick off in one of their Free Comic Book Day titles the first weekend of May. The phrasing itself is curious, suggesting - if taken literally - an undoing of death rather than a return from the dead, but that may be too deep an interpretation of some pithy, nebulous teaser copy.

The publisher followed that up Tuesday adding decidedly Spider-centric trappings to the image, which is logical as it isn’t very hard to find candidates from the Spider-Man mythos that are currently six-feet under. So if you want to speculate what dead Marvel character may soon be "Dead No More" there’s no better place to start than Gwen and Doc Ock … and hell, even (yeah, we’re going there) Uncle Ben.

But that said it also really isn’t Marvel’s style to give away a good tease so quickly. If you follow the publisher’s marketing the last few years, its hard to expect that Tuesday’s teaser will be the last - these things usually happen in campaigns. That's how Marvel rolls, so we’re making an educated guess here that they’ll be more follow-up teasers to spread the speculative wealth, featuring imagery and iconography from other Marvel "families," just to keep readers guessing.

'Dead No More' Teaser
'Dead No More' Teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

We could be proven wrong as early as Wednesday of course, but every now and again we’ll put out heads together and throw out a conspiracy theory as to where these sorts of things are headed. And today, we’re going to hazard a wild guess as to exactly which dead Marvel character will be ‘Dead No More’ by summer.

All of them…

Yes, all of them.

Because here’s another thing we know about Marvel Comics - they laugh at the idea of so-called “event fatigue” … they scoff at the notion of giving their loyal readers a narrative breather, and probably justifiably so. But that’s a whole other, whole lot wonkier story for another day. We offer this theory without judgment as to whether it's good or bad, right or wrong.

We know as sure as death and taxes Marvel needs another event for later this year and given they’re going from their self-described "biggest event ever" (Secret Wars) straight into the sequel to their actual biggest event ever (Civil War), the publisher no doubt has something new and big up their sleeve, and the return of one dead character doesn’t seem like it’ll fit the always-escalating event bill.

Marvel has successfully leveraged the now-frequent deaths and returns of prominent characters over last decade, even going so far as to joke a few convention seasons back about killing a character every fiscal quarter. But again, just the return of Logan or Phoenix seems kind 'been there, done that' in a post-Secret Wars/Civil War II world.

So maybe instead of bringing back Uncle Ben … or Wolverine … or Phoenix … or Professor X … or Captain Marvel … or whomever … what if they brought them all back ... at once … a virtual full-scale evacuation of the mighty Marvel mausoleum?

Of course that doesn’t mean they’re all going to stay 'not dead'. Like the ‘new’ post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, big event-specific change is usually followed by a return to somewhat a recognizable status quo.

But that too is a conversation for another day…

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