Best Shots Extra: Sherlock Holmes #1

Moore & Reppion Talk Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes #1

Sherlock Holmes #1

From: Dynamite

Writers: Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art: Aaron Campbell

Color: Tony Avina

Letters: Simon Bowland

Cover: John Cassaday

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Dynamite has a real knack for resurrecting pop culture properties. They applied that touch to the likes of the Lone Ranger, Zorro, Red Sonja, and Buck Rogers, and now they turn it to the Great Detective. Granted, Holmes is never that far out of the collective mind of the public (consider the film that’s in production now), but I was quite intrigued when I saw that Dynamite was going to take a swing for comics. Obviously, the priority would have to be placing the proper creative team on the book.

In that regard, Dynamite’s certainly done a great job. The married writing pair of Moore and Reppion bring exactly the right sensibility to this book. One wonders if proper reinvention of characters from this time period is in the family genes. Whatever the case, the rhythms of the story are exactly right, and the details are what you would remember.

Really, this wouldn’t work as well were it not for the assured art of Aaron Campbell. Campbell does a terrific job with the setting, capturing the finer points of damp streets and gaslights. His Holmes and Watson have an iconic vibe to them; they look at they think you should without being slavishly beholden to a particular likeness.

As far as the story goes, I’m reluctant to say much in the face of the fact that is is a mystery, and only the first part of same. It’s sufficient to say that things head in an unusual direction by the end, and you’ll definitely be intrigued for the next part.

Overall, the creative team did a fine job with this one. Holmes makes a great addition to the Dynamite stable, and all parties involved are playing to their strengths. As to whether you should give it a look or not, I have to say that the answer to that is quite elementary: Yes, you should.

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