MARVEL Expands Role In CHINA, C.B. CEBULSKI To Relocate

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Chinese poster
Credit: Marvel Studios

In an effort to expand Marvel's footprint in China, C.B. Cebulski is re-locating to Shanghai to work out of Disney's local offices there. Cebulski, who joined the publisher in 2002 and currently acts as the company's Vice President of International Business Development & Brand Management, calls this new post his "biggest role at Marvel yet."

"I've recently agreed to spearhead efforts to further manage and develop Marvel's brand in Asia," Cebulski said on Facebook. "It's the natural extension of a lot of what I've been doing already, except moving forward, I won't be on as many long haul flights; you see, I'm relocating!"

Originally joining Marvel as an editor, Cebulski quickly grew into being aand was well known for his international travels for the publisher. 

"As Marvel has grown, so have the positions for me and so many other people within the organization," said Cebulski. "We've gone from making comic books to managing a global phenomenon."

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