CHIP KIDD Will Design Your Book Cover -- For Charity!

"Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross" by Alex Ross & Chip Kidd
Credit: Alex Ross & Chip Kidd (DC Comics)
Credit: Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd has designed some of the most popular modern logos and covers in comic book history, and now he could do the same for your book. The graphic designer/writer is teaming with Penn State University Pink Zone to auction off the chance for Kid to design a cover for "your favorite book, journal or diary." With an estimated value of $5,000, Kidd's charity auction is currently up to $1,100 with the bidding ending February 1.

"I would do whatever I could to contribute to research to end breast cancer, who wouldn't?" Kidd told Newsarama. "As the son of a survivor of the disease and a proud Penn State alum, I'm thrilled to help the PSU Fight Against Breast Cancer any way I can."

Penn State Pink Zone is a non-profit promoting breast cancer awareness and raises fund to support breast cancer organizations in the education, pevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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