Report: ANT-MAN Villain Cast as RIP HUNTER's Mentor For DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

"Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1" cover
Credit: DC Comics

DC's Legends of Tomorrow have cast Martin Donovan to play Rip Hunter's mentor, according to IGN. Donovan, who played the villainous Mitchell Carson in 2015's Ant-Man, is reportedly lined up to play a veteran Time Master named Druce. Interestingly, in comic books Rip Hunter's mentor is another time traveler -- Booster Gold, who later reveals himself to be Hunter's father.

"Druce is a respected member of the time council who was Rip's first mentor at the Time Master Academy," IGN describes the role. "He is a seasoned Time Master who is accustomed with mediating conflicts throughout history. Druce finds himself faced with his greatest challenge when he is tasked to find Rip and convince him to abandon his hunt for Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). If he can't convince his former pupil and the Legends to give up their quest, he may be forced to kill the man he looked upon as a son."

In addition to his role in Ant-Man, Martin Donovan also co-starred in Homeland and Weeds.

Donovan will reportedly debut in "White Knights," DC's Legends of Tomorrow's fourth scheduled episode.

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