New THUNDERBOLTS Teaser Reveals More Of The Team

"Injustice, Like Lightning 3" teaser
Credit: Mark Bagley (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mark Bagley (Marvel Comics)

With a storm surging on the East Coast, Marvel's Thunderbolts are re-forming in a third "Injustice, Like Lightning" teaser image.

Revealed in this newest installment is two more founding members of the team: Atlas and Fixer. Fixer held one of the longest tenures on the team, appearing in the original installment and on through to Luke Cage's leadership of the team. Atlas is the team's powerhouse, and also reappeared in the last Thunderbolts series after a brief tenure in Wonder Man's Revengers.

That leaves one shadowy figure in the foreground, but interesting it doesn't look like Citizen V (a.k.a. Baron Zemo), who originally led the team and was previously featured in Marvel's "All-New All-Different" announcement roll-out. That doesn't mean it's not Citizen V, as he could be changing his look, but it could also portend a suprise member -- and a surprise absence -- from the line-up.

One place Baron Zemo is known to be appearing is in May's Captain America: Civil War movie. Marvel hasn't stated if this teaser is leading towards a new series or some other project.

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