Word Balloon: Jason Aaron - Weapon X and More

Preview: Wolverine Weapon X #2 Variant

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, Jason Aaron is back to talk about Wolverine Weapon X, his new Wolverine series with artist Ron Garney. In the interview Aaron promises this series will cover many genres

"If you look at the previous stuff I've done with Wolverine, from World War 2 stuff in Wolverine #56, to Get Mystique, to the Manifest Destiny mini series was a straight up kung fu love letter ...This first Weapon X arc focuses on a black ops military contractor group in the jungles of Columbia...after that were going to jump into a straight up horror story with all new villains and challenges...that's what I'm trying to do in each arc."

We also discuss his Vertigo series Scalped "We've been doing five issues currently that are all stand alone stories that dovetail into the cliffhanger of issue #25...in the current issue #28, we see the full events of the day in 1975 when the 2 agents were killed on the Rez then in #29 were back to Dash and the card sharp...they will all connect and set the stage for the next arc...not all of our characters will survive that next story."

On his one-shot Immortal Weapons: Fat Cobra, the origin story of the Iron Fist character: "All we know about him is he's fat, a great fighter and enjoys his wenches of waiting..it was great to play in that sand box...I've been a big fan of what Ed and Matt started and what Duane Swierczynski has done with the book."

And he discusses wrapping up his run on Ghost Rider with an elaborate team set up to save the world by saving an unlikely victim.

"You've got a nun, the Son of Satan and a cult terrorist who's mad at the Son of Satan...and the two Ghost Rider brothers who hate each other...that sort of (expletive) writes itself...the storyline revolves around a renegade angel who's conquered heaven, now he's trying to kill the Antichrist, destroying the prophecies of Revelations, and rewriting fate... so the team has to save the Antichrist to save the world...I'm just trying to throw as much stuff in the mix before I walk off, I don't want to leave any bullets in my holster. "

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