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Fan-favorite Psylocke was a last-minute addition to the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse, according to producer Simon Kinberg. But once he and director Bryan Singer settled on adding her to the roster, casting the psychic ninja was a simple matter.

“Psylocke was quite a late addition to the script and the movie. Bryan Singer and I were up here in Montreal and we felt like we needed a different Horseman, and we just started going through the cycling of the different Apocalypse Horsemen over history. We felt like we wanted it to be a female character and we pretty quickly settled on Psylocke,” Kinberg told Collider. “And super randomly I think a week or two earlier I was in Los Angeles and we were casting Deadpool. I had met with Olivia Munn for a character in Deadpool that ultimately wasn’t the right character for her, but we were like ‘We’ve gotta keep in touch, she has to do something in the X-Men world.’"

Kinberg didn't dislose what Deadpool role Munn pursued, but the February 12 movie has several female roles including Morena Bacarin's Vanesa Carlyle, Gina Carano's Angel Dust, and Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

"And Bryan and I were sitting in Montreal a few weeks later and saying we should do Psylocke and I was like, ‘Dude, I just met with Olivia Munn two weeks ago. She’d be great.’ Then we looked at pictures of her online and I emailed her and I said, ‘I think this is a great character for you’ and she immediately emailed me back and sent me all this fan art online that fans had done of her as Psylocke. So that’s how that one came to be.”

Olivia Munn makes her debut as Psylocke when X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters May 27.

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