More Characters Revealed In MARVEL's THUNDERBOLTS Teaser

"Injustice, Like Lightning 2" teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has released another "Injustice, Like Lightning" teaser which evokes the Thunderbolts. This new teaser pulls back the black silhouette on two characters that were founding members of Baron Zemo's original team.

Front and center is Moonstone, a key Thunderbolts member who had tenure through many of the team's various incarnations. For a time she called herself Meteorite in Thunderbolts, and also disguised herself as Ms. Marvel during Dark Avengers.

Second is Mach-VII -- originally known in Thunderbolts as Mach-I, but to older fans they'd know him best as the original Beetle.

Given the characters still in shadow, look for more teasers before Marvel finally shows all their cards about this possible Thunderbolts revival.

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