ROM Returns in FCBD Zero Issue First Look

"Rom #0" preview

Marvel may have another Space Knight, but IDW has Rom... and Newsarama has the first look at his return in the Free Comic Book Day one-shot Rom #0.

ROM #0 Featuring ACTION MAN: Free Comic Book Day Edition
Christos Gage & Chris Ryall; John Barber (w) • David Messina & Paolo Villanelli; Chris Evenhuis (a) • Zach Howard (c)
He strikes from outer space... hurtling Earthward on his dead mission of cosmic vengeance! Rom is back for the first time in decades, and nothing can stop him! This introductory story re-introduces the character and leads into July’s all-new, ongoing series! Plus, in an exclusive prologue to June’s debut issue, the U.K.’s greatest weapon is on the warpath—and the fate of the world is in Action Man’s hands… as usual.

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