"Invincible #127" cover by Cory Walker
Credit: Cory Walker (Image Comics)
Credit: Cory Walker (Image Comics)

Invincible co-creator and original artist Cory Walker has announced via IGN that he will be returning to the series for a new story-arc this summer. The series is currently on hiatus following the culmination of the "Reboot?" story-arc in December's Invincible #126.

"It’s a real treat to get to draw Mark and Eve again, as well as little Terra," Walker told IGN. "I think I’m most excited about the new characters we’re introducing, though. I’ve got high hopes that they’ll make a splash and become fan favorites."

Walker will return for six issues beginning with the as-yet-unscheduled Invinicible #127 -- his first interior work on the book since a 2012 story-arc.

"Oh, things are much different this time around! This is much bigger and more essential, I think. Previously when I had filled in on the book, those stories focused on what are basically supporting characters and the stories themselves were somewhat supplemental to the main arc, I guess," said Walker. "Does any of this sound like I know what I’m saying? I hadn’t drawn Mark or Eve in an Invincible comic since Invincible Returns #1 and even then that was just a little back-up/recap story. So now, I’m in here doing primary character/main story stuff in the wake of the 'Reboot?' storyline that’s basically setting the stage for the future of the book, and that’s a pretty big deal. It’s exciting stuff that I’m thrilled to be working on."

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