Meet ELASTICATOR, The R-Rated PLASTIC MAN In #1 Preview

"Elasticator #1" preview

Meet the "Rated-R Plastic Man" Elasticator in a preview of his first issue, due out March 30 from Scout Comics.

(W) A.C. Medina (A/CA) Kevin Shah
It's the debut issue of the next great modern superhero! In this neo-crime epic, we follow The Elasticator (aka Mikey Mazzagatti) as he tells us his story of life in Brooklyn during the height of the recession. With a city on its knees and organized crime working alongside the government, Mikey must push past his own troubles towards a greater good. Mixing equal parts humor and grit, Mikey goes from outcast to a neighborhood icon. Mikey pulls no punches as he tells a story of regret, hardship, and second chances.

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