FX's LEGION Could Debut In 2016, Takes Place In An 'Alternate Universe'

X-Men: Legacy
X-Men: Legacy
Credit: Marvel Commics

Though its sister-series Hellfire seems to be having some setbacks, FX's Legion is moving forward to a series pick up.

“I’m pretty optimistic about Legion,” FX CEO John Landgraf said at a Television Critics Association event (via Deadline). “The scripts are extraordinary.”

Legion is still in the casting phase, but won't have to worry about stepping on the toes of the X-Men movies.

“It takes place in a parallel universe,” Landgraf explained. “The US government is in the early days of being aware of mutants, but not the public. I don’t foresee any characters moving back and forth (between the movies and the series).”

This runs somewhat contrary to showrunner Noah Hawley's previous statements that Legion "has to fit into that larger universe."

No premiere date for Legion has been set, though it could reportedly launch in 2016.

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