Report: DEADPOOL Blocked From Release In CHINA

"Deadpool" poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox's Deadpool film has reportedly been denied a release in China by the country's censors, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film, which received an "R" rating from the North American ratings board MPAA, was blocked from being shown in China reportedly due to its "violence, nudy and graphic language."

China, unlike the United States and most other modern countries, has no ratings system for movies -- any films screened in the Asian country must be deemed fit to be seen by all ages. And while while in the past some films have been re-edited in order to be screened in China, Deadpool reportedly wasn't feasible for this kind of treatment without creating "plot problems."

Deadpool opens in North American theaters February 12.

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