Former MARVEL Writer Launches Fan Petition For PG-13 Version of DEADPOOL

"Deadpool" poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Just days after the MPAA issued Deadpool's expected "R" rating, a YouTube star (and former Marvel writer) has launched a petition for a PG-13 version.

Grace Randolph, who has written in the past for Marvel, BOOM! Studios and even Newsarama, launched the petition after learning one of her viewers wouldn't be able to see the movie due to him only being eight. If it were PG-13, his mom would take him to watch it.

Watch her video:

To be clear, she's not asking for the "Rated R" version to be cancelled, but rather that two versions be released -- much how 20th Century Fox has at various times released a "green band" and "red band" version of the major Deadpool trailers.

So far, the petition has had over 1400 people sign on.

What do you think?

Deadpool opens in theaters February 12.

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