Report: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Directors Pick Their Next Comic Book Adaptation

"Sexcastle" cover by Kyle Starks
Credit: Kyle Starks (Image Comics)
Credit: Kyle Starks

While directors Joe and Anthony Russo are locked into the director's chair for the next few years with Captain America: Civil War and Avenger: Infinity War, that isn't stopping them from producing yet another comic book adaptation. 

Deadline reports that the Russos are producing an adaptation of the Image OGN Sexcastle by Kyle Starks for 20th Century Fox. The film is being reportedly being directed by two from Comedy Central's Workaholics; director Kyle Newacheck and actor Blake Anderson, the latter of which will play the title character Shane Sexcastle. The Russos will be producing the film alongside Newacheck and Anderson, as well as Mike Larocca.

No timeline was given for the production or release of Sexcastle.

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