Own Every MARVEL Comic Book Ever For $200,000

Marvel heroes by Jorge Molina
Credit: Jorge Molina (Marvel Comics)
Fantastic Four #1 cover by Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #1 cover by Jack Kirby
Credit: Marvel

If you're a true Marvel Comics fan, B-Bop Comics in Kansas City has the ultimate proposition for you: a complete collection of Marvel comic books, starting with Fantastic Four #1 from 1961, and going all the way through 2015, including all of Marvel's original graphic novels, magazine-size editions, and treasury editions.

B-Bop acquired the lot from a private collector who had been cultivating his complete run of Marvel comics since childhood, and are selling it in a single lot at his behest. If no buyer comes forth by February, it will be broken into smaller lots. 

"In general, the earlier books are in worse condition," said Frank Mangiaracina of B-Bop. "The early Amazing Spider-Man are in slightly better shape than most of the other early books as the original owner bought mostly from the newsstand as a child, except for those, which he purchased later to complete the collection.  His favorites were the Jack Kirby books, and the condition of the early Avengers, Fantastic Four and Thor books show the effect of that youthful enthusiasm.  As time went on the average condition improved, and by the early 1970s (to present) pretty much everything is in like-new (vfnm to mint) condition."

The collection does not include any pre-Marvel Comics books such as those published under the Timely or Atlas names, nor does it include Rawhide Kid or Kid Colt which segued into Marvel.

B-Bop is asking for $200,000 for the collection, which ranges in quality from lesser condition in older issues to very fine/near mint condition for books from the '70's on. The entire collection takes up 109 long boxes, and is estimated to be between 32,000 and 36,000 pieces.

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