NBM PUBLISHING Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary With Name Change & New Logo

Page from "Guardians of the Louvre"
Credit: JirĂ´ Taniguchi (NBM Graphic Novels)

Coinciding with its fortieth anniversary, NBM Publishing have announced it will be changing its name to NBM Graphic Novels. Widely considered as one of the first American publishers to do actual graphic novels, NBM is recommitting to its work and focusing on what founder/publisher Terry Nantier calls their "core mission."

“After many milestones over these decades helping to open up the general bookstore trade and people’s perception of what comics can be, here we are at 40 years of operation still bringing out some of the best European and US comics you can find. I’m very proud of NBM’s great image and I figure it’s time and a great occasion to freshen up," said Nantier.

Credit: NBM Graphic Novels

"The former NBM logo, with a design akin to comics panels, has served valiantly for decades but nothing lasts forever and it’s time for a cleaner, lighter, more modern look. ComicsLit also was an imprint we needed to launch over 15 years ago to distinguish our fiction line, but that’s much of what NBM stands for anyway today. We’re keeping things simple under one name and emphasizing our core mission all these years where comic books from us have been rare: publishing great graphic novels.”

NBM is folding the ComicsLit imprint into its main line, and will also be expanding the number of non-fiction titles. The adult imprint Eurotica will continue on seperately.

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