WWC: Again with the 2009 Marvel Teaser

WWC: Marvel 2009 Teaser, 2

At Marvel's "Mondo Marvel" panel at Wizard World Chicago this weekend, the publisher unveiled a second teaser in what seems to be a series.

Like the image Marvel released at Wizard World Philadelphia, this image is black and white, features an individual (this time a woman) holding a handgun. The letter X is on the new image as it was on the intial one. The only hint of color? The visible iris of the female's eye appears to be green.

Oh, and to recap - the initial teaser image showed a man holding a handgun (with "2009" on the barrel). The bit of color in that image? The figure appears to be wearing red glasses (cycle above and click to enlarge to see the first image).

What to think? Red glasses on the man and a green eye on the woman? Of course, Cyclops/Jean Grey is the obvious and easiest road to go down, but that doesn't explain the guns. What say you, Newsarama readers? Any guesses as to artists? Characters? Bueller?

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