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Credit: DC Comics

This week, writer Tom Taylor will launch a six-issue mini-series titled Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion, taking over the story of the Green Lanterns who have been trapped at the end of the previous universe.

As the story kicks off, the Lanterns light a Mogo-type beacon to find more of their fellow lost Corps members, but the light attracts more than just allies. What follows is a story that Taylor calls "enormous," as the Lanterns not only work desperately to escape the dying universe and get home, but also run into new threats.

Taylor, who's best known at DC for his work on Injustice: Gods Among Us and Earth 2, is working with veteran Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver, inventing new characters — "some good, some bad," Taylor says.

Credit: DC Comics

Newsarama talked to the writer to find out more about Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion, whether the "mini-series" label means the Corps will be back home in six issues, and how this interacts with the rest of the Green Lantern universe.

Newsarama: Tom, as you pick up the story of the lost Green Lanterns, how would you describe their predicament right now?

Tom Taylor: The Lanterns are trapped at the end of the universe before ours and desperate to escape.

They’re angry and scared and a little argumentative – except for Guy Gardner. He’s a lot argumentative.

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Nrama: Why is this universe in which they now exist dying?

Taylor: It’s simply the end. It’s breaking down. It’s the opposite of the Big Bang. It’s a slow implosion.

Nrama: We saw Simon show up in the last issue of the Lost Lanterns series, and of course Guy and John already played a role. Who are the main characters in the series you're writing?

Taylor: I’m a big Guy Gardner fan, so he tends to steal a lot of the scenes. But Kilowog, John, Salaak, Arisia, B’dg, Baz, Two-Six and Iolande all come into it more too.

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Nrama: Any fun supporting characters you're getting to either pick up from previous stories, or maybe add as new characters?

Taylor: Ethan and I have certainly created some new characters. Some good, some bad. We can’t say too much about them at this stage yet but there is some nastiness on the way.

Nrama: What's the greatest threat?

Taylor: There are multiple threats. The environment itself is a ticking time bomb and there are outside forces too.

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Nrama: How would you describe the story overall? I mean, Green Lantern stories are usually described as space operas, does this become that epic? How would you describe it?

Taylor: It’s huge. These are desperate people fighting against a dying universe. As far as scale, it doesn’t get much bigger than that, which is great as Ethan always nails the enormous.

Nrama: Is this still a six-issue mini-series? Is the goal to get them home by the sixth issue?

Taylor: The Green Lanterns’ goal is to get home. I can’t guarantee that will happen. I will say that some don’t even last the six issues...

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Nrama: What's it like working with artist Ethan Van Sciver?

Taylor: Ethan’s one of those guys whose name is synonymous with the Green Lanterns. I’ve followed his work for a long time and especially loved arcs like Green Lantern: Rebirth and the Sinestro Corps War. His detail is incredible. His pages come into my inbox and you just kind of stare at small sections of complex inking and think ‘wow’.

Nrama: Will this series interact with other Green Lantern series?

Taylor: Probably not, unless some other Lanterns come to visit. But I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s, um, not a nice place to visit.

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