BATMAN v SUPERMAN's BATMAN A Hero With An 'Existential Crisis', More JUSTICE LEAGUE Members Hinted At

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Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck's casting as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sparked a great debate among fans who wondered what Affleck would bring to the role. Now, as the film nears release, director Zack Snyder and Affleck himself have shed some light on their take on the Caped Crusader.

Snyder told USAToday that he wanted an experienced Batman that was older, and more hardened than some previous incarnations, with Affleck adding “[Batman is] a guy who had been through that experience already for many years and was kind of burnt out and asking himself what the point of it all was and going through an existential crisis.”

Snyder also explained the mindset that brings Batman into the fold against Superman, saying “You can see the idea of the innocent being victimized by whatever they are, aliens, he doesn’t know — that’s the thing that really boils his blood, as you can imagine it would. Suddenly the innocent children of the world are all of us.”

“Batman is covered up by a suit and sometimes a car and sometimes a lot of vehicles and weapons, whereas Bruce Wayne is much more naked — it’s just you and a suit of clothes,” Affleck explained about the difference between playing Batman and playing Bruce Wayne, adding, “You can’t really play Batman because Batman is different things to different people. We project our own things onto the mythology of what Batman is, and he has to be able to be projected upon. With Bruce Wayne, you have to bring something distinct and new and different.”

As for how Batman stacks up against Superman, Clark Kent himself, Henry Cavill, weighed in, saying “[Superman] can sure as hell take Batman out if he wants to, and Batman takes advantage of that,” before adding that Superman treats his opponents like a dad playing football with his kids. “He’s not going to go all-out against the kids because he’ll end up smashing people around. It’s the idea of still wanting to have fun but no one gets hurt, so you’re being careful about where your knees and elbows are going. That’s what Clark is for me, but Superman is far more relaxed. Superman is dad just being dad at home.”

But Batman isn't the only new Justice League member being added to the cast before Justice League Part One hits in 2017. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possibly more of the League will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder expressed his excitement at seeing the team assembled, saying “I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but having Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg and to see them all standing together, it’s a pretty dorky and cool experience for me.”

“Basically every one of those characters has a logo that you would recognize without them standing there, and that’s a hard thing to achieve in this pop-culture world. We have history to draw on, but we also have these new frontiers to forge.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.

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