SUPERGIRL 'Unique & Frankly Brilliant Take' Says Comic Book Tie-In Writer STERLING GATES

"Adventures of Supergirl #1" cover by Cat Staggs
Credit: Cat Staggs (DC Comics)
Credit: Bengal (DC Comics)

DC has revealed (via The Hollywood Reporter) the first cover to the upcoming Adventures of Supergirl digital-first series. Cat Staggs illustrated the new cover, with returning Supergirl writer Sterling Gates and artist Bengal working on the first issue.

"I am beyond thrilled to be writing Supergirl again," said Gates. "Supergirl is one of my all-time favorite characters — I think she's one of DC's best characters, period — and I was extremely honored when DC Comics and the producers of CBS' hit television show asked me to write Adventures of Supergirl."

Credit: Cat Staggs (DC Comics)

Gates, who wrote DC's Supergirl for nearly three years, describes Aventures of Supergirl as an extension of the CBS live-action show.

"Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg have created a unique and frankly brilliant take on Kara 'Supergirl' Danvers, and our comic will be an extension of their fantastic world," the writer said.

"Fans of the show can expect to see all their favorite Supergirl characters play a role in our massively action-packed 13-part story exploring the various facets of Supergirl's life!"

Bengal will be illustrating the first story, followed by guest artists including Jonboy Meyers, Emanuele Lupacchino, Emma Vieceli and even cover artist Cat Staggs.

Adventures of Supergirl #1 will be released digitally January 25.

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