STEPHEN AMELL Reveals When His ARROW Contract Is Up

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from "Arrow" season 4.
Credit: Warner Bros. Television
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Arrow's leading man Stephen Amell is stepping up to the big screen this year in TMNT: Out of the Shadows as Casey Jones, but that doesn't mean he's leaving the show that helped make him famous. Combating recent speculation that he would be leaving the CW superhero show, the actor took to Facebook to alleviate concerns and say how long he's signed on to be Oliver Queen.

"Facebook... I keep reading that I'm leaving Arrow. I'm not," said Amell. "I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least. Now... That doesn't mean Arrow will run that long, but if it does... I'll be here. Any other questions I can answer?"

Arrow's fourth season resumes January 20.

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