Robert Rodriguez to Re-Launch 'Predator' Franchise

Rodriguez to Re-Launch Predator

Director Robert Rodriguez has signed on to re-launch the Predator franchise for Fox.

According to Variety, Rodriguez has already scripted Predators, the first new solo Predator film since 1990’s Predator 2. Since then, the alien hunters have been most visible either in Dark Horse comic book projects, or as part of Aliens vs. Predator, which has seen two installments.

In addition to Predators, Rodrigues is also co-directing Machete, starring the character that was featured in one of Grindhouse’s mock film trailers.

As the trade describes it: “Machete is a Mexican ex-Federale with a gift for wielding a blade, who hides out as a day laborer, who is double-crossed by a corrupt state senator.”

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