'Major Death' Coming In AMC's THE WALKING DEAD

Still from "The Walking Dead"
Credit: AMC
Credit: Tony Moore (Image Comics)

Although "dead" is in the title, the death of a character is still a big deal in AMC's The Walking Dead -- and a big one is coming up according to Greg Nicotero. The executive producer/special effects czar said that the upcoming episodes would be both "relentless" and "heartbreaking," promising a tragic event from the comic book series would be coming.

"If you read the comic book, you know we're climbing towards a major death," Nicotero told Empire (via ComicBook).

Nicotero doesn't get into specifics there, but it is important to note that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was recently cast as Negan, one of The Walking Dead comic book series' most memorable antagonists.

The Walking Dead's sixth season resumes February 14.

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