"Justice League #47" preview
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for this week's Justice League #47.

"Darkseid War," the current storyline in Justice League, has already shaken up the status quo of DC's best known heroes, with the death of Darkseid causing most of the team's members to transform into New God-like beings.

With this week's Justice League #47, the dangerously godlike Leaguers will form an odd couple of sorts by teaming up with the Crime Syndicate from Forever Evil — including pregnant Superwoman, scared Ultraman, and taking-charge Owlman. The Justice League and Crime Syndicate join forces to defeat Mobius, who wants his Mobius Chair back from Batman.

(Yes, this issue officially changed the Anti-Monitor to a character known as Mobius — a shift that's unique to the "New 52" universe.)

Credit: DC Comics

The story opens with Batman sitting on the Mobius Chair, overlooking Ace Chemicals (which Batman fans will recognize as a key location from the Joker's origin story). Green Lantern Hal Jordan has just returned from Oa, where he got rid of parademons that were threatening to overtake the Green Lantern Corps' home planet. Hal tries to convince Batman to get off the chair, but Bats is having none of that, claiming he can save Gotham from criminals using the vast knowledge of the Mobius Chair.

Credit: DC Comics

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is dealing with the corrupted Superman, who wants to fight Diana, saying he only wants to see how strong she is. Diana refuses to fight him, choosing instead to give him her "help" and her "love," stopping him with her lasso. Wonder Woman explains that the lasso is not only an interrogation tool, but was designed to help people see themselves for who they are. When Diana asks Superman who he is, he resists, but eventually says more meekly, "Clark Kent."

Scot Free (Mr. Miracle) is accompanied by Big Barda, Cyborg and Power Ring (Jessica Cruz). They're visiting Ultraman and Superwoman at Belle Reve Prison. (Fans will remember that the Anti-Monitor destroyed Earth 3 in Forever Evil before coming to the main DCU earth — these heroes think the villains might have answers about how to defeat the Anti-Monitor.)

While Barda distracts the guards, Scot goes to Ultraman's cell and asks him what the Anti-Monitor wants? "To kill every last one of us. It's what he lives for."

Credit: DC Comics

Cyborg and Jessica head toward Superwoman, but when Cyborg begins to open her cell, the voice inside Jessica's ring makes it clear that freeing Superwoman is a bad idea. (Again, readers should remember that Jessica's ring was once worn by the evil Earth 3 version of Power Ring, who was killed during Forever Evil.) Jessica begins to fight against the idea of opening the door to Superwoman's cell, but the entity inside her ring — Volthoom — fights back. He takes over her entire body. "It's time the Crime Syndicate was reunited," he says.

Elsewhere, newly crowned Anti-Life goddess (and Darkseid's daughter) Grail is telling her mother that the "Anti-Life has a secret," and she's going to share it with the world. She says she needs Steve Trevor, the first man to step foot on Themyscira.

The Anti-Monitor is also shown, emerging from the bubble that surrounded him in Justice League #46. He's now "Mobius" again, re-birthed and surrounded by minions, ready to get back his Mobius Chair!

Speaking of the Mobius Chair, Batman and Green Lantern have joined Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman explains what happened to Superman on Apokolips (he used the Solar Pits to charge his cells, which corrupted him). Batman claims that, even though Superman now remembers who he is and has himself under control mentally, the energy in his cells from Apokolips is actually killing him.

At Superwoman's cell, Jessica/Volthoom has broken through the wall. Superwoman is looking all crazy-eyed and singing to the baby in her womb (yeah, she's preggnant — remember? — another Forever Evil bit). To stop Jessica/Volthoom, Cyborg gets the bright idea to mechanically connect to Jessica's ring. Well, that doesn't work out so well, as Volthoom downloads "Grid" to Vic's software. (Yes, the Grid that took him over during Forever Evil.)

Credit: DC Comics

When Barda and Scot leave Ultraman to find their teammates, Superwoman, who's been singing a creepy lullaby to her still-baking-in-the-oven babe, turns and fires her heat vision at Barda and Scot.

"No, Superwoman," a voice says. "That will have to wait."

It's Owlman, the Earth 3 character who's been missing since the end of Forever Evil (or, at least, has only been seen one time, talking to Lex Luthor in secret).

On the final page, Owlman sets up the next act of "Darkseid War" by stating, "If we're all going to survive, the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate need to work together."

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