MARK MILLAR Announces Talent Search Winners

Millarworld art by Leinil Yu
Credit: Leinil Yu

Mark Millar has announced the winners of his recent worldwide talent search. Six writers and seven artists have been chosen by Millar, Jim O'Hara and some members of the Millarworld forum to work on a Millarworld Annual 2016.

"The level of talent was also staggering. I knew there was a huge amount of untapped, smart people out there just waiting for a place to focus their energies, but - my God - you're going to love this annual," said Millar. "The range is truly international. I'd guess less than a third of the entries came from the US or UK and paring it down to just thirty this week and then a final six writers and six artists plus a cover artist yesterday was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Seriously, you'll see what I mean. Wait till you see what these guys have done with my characters."

The writers and artists will be paired into teams to work on six stories based on Millar's comic book titles, with the seventh artist providing the cover. According to Millar, they will all be paid page rates comparable to starting wages for creators at Marvel and DC.

The winners and the line-ups are:

  • COVER - Satine Zillah
  • Kick-Ass - Writer Ricardo Mo/ Artist Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
  • Kingsman - Writer Philip Huxley/ Artist Myron Macklin
  • Starlight - Writer Deniz Camp/ Artist Prancheta Banerjee
  • American Jesus - Writer Cliff Bumgardiner/ Artist Steve Beach
  • Chrononauts - Writer Shawn Brill/ Artist Conor Hughes
  • Hit-Girl - Writer Mark Abnett/ Artist Osgur Yildirim

Millarworld Annual 2016 is expected to be released in late 2016. Millar said that another talent search will be held in the summer.

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