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Saffron Bell
Saffron Bell
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In the upcoming January 18 episode of CBS' Supergirl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Emma Caulfield will debut as a character from DC comic books. Back in November it was reported that Caulfield would be playing agent Cameron Chase, but a cast list released by CBS Wednesday has her as another character: agent Saffron Bell.

The thing is, DC may not own Saffron Bell anymore.

Confused? Well, there's a interesting story to that.

Saffron Bell debuted September 1, 2004 simultanously in Bloodhound #1 and Wonder Woman #206 as an FBI agent who worked as a handler for Bloodhound's lead character Travis "Clev" Clevinger. Jolley created Bell, although Greg Rucka wrote her concurrent debut in Wonder Woman #206. Ivan Cohen edited both titles at the time.

The Bloodhound series was short-lived at DC, and after nearly a decade Jolley worked out deal for Dark Horse to collect the 10 DC issues in June 2013 and publish new stories starring the characters in a subsequent series called Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine. Jolley told Newsarama at that time that he had gotten full rights to the property and characters from DC. Jolley reitterated his claim to Bloodhound and Saffron Bell Wednesday morning when we brought up the fact that the character was listed by CBS as appearing in Supergirl.

Going back to the source, Newsarama contacted CBS and was told that Emma Caulfield was listed as "agent Saffron Bell" in error, and that she was still playing DEO agent Cameron Chase. CBS sent out a revised press release several hours later with the correction noted.

It's a curious case, and one Chase herself might have investigated on a slow day.

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