Stylish Sci-Fi Western In: DEADEYE: BEGUN IN BLOOD Preview

"DeadEye: Begun In Blood" preview

Nathan C. Gooden turns in some stunning watercolor work in a preview of a new OGN called DeadEye: Begun In Blood.

DeadEye: Begun In Blood
Price: $20
Release Date: Feb/March 2016
Format: Full color, 128 pages
Ages: Mature Audiences
Genre: Western, Action, Adventure
Publisher: CME Comics (Creative Mind Energy)
Description: A land of undiscovered riches, beauty... and violence. A land born of myth. The American frontier. As the bounty hunter, Deadeye, tracks the gang responsible for his nightmarish past, he discovers a far worse set of villains lurking in the uncharted territory. Criminals from a distant planet, imprisoned on Earth. Scripted by ADRIAN F. WASSEL with breathtaking watercolors by NATHAN C. GOODEN-creators of THE GIFTED, a 2014 Indie Fab Award Finalist for Best Graphic Novel-comes the opening chapter of DEADEYE, a series about the cruel price of redemption.

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