Report: GEOMANCER Coming to Shake Up THE FLASH

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: The CW

Former Injustice League member Geomancer is coming to shake up Central City in CW's The Flash, according to ComicBook. Actor Adam Stafford has reportedly been cast to play Adam Fells (a.k.a. Geomancer) in a two-part episode in early 2016. Details on the actor are sparse in their report, and there are several actors with that name who have worked in TV and film.

In comic books, Geomancer debuted in 1999's JSA #9 by David Goyer, Geoff Johns and Derec Aucoin  as a small-time supervillain with the power to create and control earthquakes. He quickly joined the Injustice League and found himself in over his head -- so much so, that he died, with another character taking over the Geomancer name. The character has not shown up since the inception of the "New 52."

ComicBook's report have Geomancer continuing to have the same powers, and using it to release a "string of target earthquakes" in order to provoke the Flash to fight him.

The Flash's second season resumes January 19 on the CW.

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