Marvel Comics March 2016 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Steve Rogers stepped down as Captain America one year ago this month, but it looks like Marvel could be planting the seeds for his return -- just in time for his new movie.

In comic books, Falcon (a.k.a. Sam Wilson) took over the mantle of Cap after Rogers lost the de-aging effects of the Super Soldier Serum.

But between Marvel's March 2016 solicitations and Wednesday's reveal of a new Captain America #1 for Free Comic Book Day in May, something is afoot.

Credit: Marvel Comics

First up, it looks like Rogers is taking back his shield from Wilson in March's Captain America: Sam Wilson #7.

"Since World War II, Steve Rogers has wielded his red, white and blue shield against unspeakable odds. When he fell, his brother in arms, Bucky Barnes, picked it up. When it was time to rest, he handed it to his good friend, Sam Wilson. But now Steve will be asked to wield it one last time, against a foe so deadly he knows it could very well be his final stand."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Wielding the shield and being Captain America are two seperate things, but last time Rogers relinquished the role he used a replacement shield instead of taking his back from Bucky Barnes.

In addition to that, if March's Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1 solicit can be held as truth, then Rogers never stepped down at all.

"Pleasant Hill looks like the perfect small-town community -- but underneath the surface, a deadly secret lurks. One so explosive it will draw estranged allies Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson back together to save a friend in danger and put things right. But when the combined might of the Captain Americas isn’t enough, whom do they call?"

Credit: Marvel Comics

Add to that a special free Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine. In the three different covers solicited, Steve Rogers is the only Captain America shown -- and more than that, there's over a dozen other heroes in the covers, but none of those are Sam Wilson -- as either Falcon or Captain America.

Then on the weekend Captain America: Civil War hits theaters, Marvel will debut a new Captain America #1 for Free Comic Book Day (as well as a new Avengers #1 and it wouldn't surprise us if this seemingly adjectiveless title reunited the classic roster). It's unknown if that will replace the current Captain America: Sam Wilson title or merely join it on comic book stands, Wilson's already been through two series relaunches already with All-New Captain America and Captain America: Sam Wilson in less than a year.

Would Marvel do it a third time to tie into a movie with Steve Rogers still as Captain America? Contemporary Marvel history suggests Steve's return as Cap is less of a matter of 'if' then 'when'. And while we don't know what will happen at the end of Civil War, we can guess Marvel having a comic book title reflecting the film is sound bet.

Food for thought.... but what do you think?

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