SUPERGIRL Series Launches In January With GATES & BENGAL

"Adventures of Supergirl" page by Bengal
Credit: Bengal (DC Comics)
Credit: Bengal (DC Comics)

DC will be launching a new Adventures of Supergirl digital-first comic book series with writer Sterling Gates and artist Bengal, according to IGN. The series will debut January 25, 2016, with 13 bi-weekly installments released digitally, followed by a print collection August 9; no formal printed comic book edition is reportedly planned.

Adventures of Supergirl will be set in the continuity of the CBS Supergirl series, although it "won't directly tie into the show" according to IGN. Interestingly however, the series will feature villains such as Rampage, Vril Dox and Psi -- three villains that have yet to show up on the TV series.

Bengal will illustrate the first three chapters of Adventures of Supergirl, with subsequent installments illustrated by Emanuele Lupacchino, Emma Vieceli, Jonboy Meyers and others.

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