More X-MEN 'APOCALYPSE WARS' Event Details & Triptych Cover

"Apocalypse Wars" cover
Credit: Ken Lashley (Marvel Comics)

This March, "Apocalypse Wars" kicks off in Extraordinary X-Men #8. Continuing with Uncanny X-Men #6 and All-New X-Men #9, the spring event finds the X-Men trying to recapture the best hope for the mutant race from their arch-enemy Apocalypse.

In Extraordinary X-Men #8, Storm leads her team into the future to take back what Apocalypse has stolen.

In Uncanny X-Men #6, the team deals with an out-of-control Archangel whose Dark Angel persona may be returning - possibly at the hands of Apocalypse.

Finally, All-New X-Men #9 explores the fate of Evan, a.k.a. Genesis, the young clone of Apocalypse as he struggles with his origins and his true nature.

Check out an interlocking tryptych of variant covers by Ken Lashley.

Credit: Ken Lashley (Marvel Comics)

Look for more information on "Apocalypse Wars" in Tuesday's March 2016 solicitations from Marvel.

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